On-Line Appointment Integration

 |  16th Oct, 2019  |  Author: Andy Welch  |  Category: Business Systems  | 

In this digital age savvy businesses can take advantage of the many time saving & cost saving software packages that can be integrated into their existing systems.

One such package is on-line booking/appointment software.

The advantages of allowing your clients to make on-line appointments are a natural evolution to any business that…

What are your Profit Margins?

 |  26th Jun, 2019  |  Author: Andy Welch  |  Category: Business Systems  | 

As a small business owner our focus is usually on quoting, winning the next job, getting materials to site and scheduling for future jobs.

When someone asks us what our profit margins are, we usually stumble through a reply and end up saying ‘we’re doing pretty good’ or ‘we’re making ok…

Swimming in the Shallow end of the Pool…

 |  26th May, 2019  |  Author: Andy Welch  |  Category: Business Systems  | 

Are you wasting your time and Business working on jobs that return you little or no profit?

It’s a trap many businesses fall in to – chasing the jobs with low profit margins, often referred to as ‘Swimming in the Shallow End of the Pool’. As small business owners we need…

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