On-Line Appointment Integration

In this digital age savvy businesses can take advantage of the many time saving & cost saving software packages that can be integrated into their existing systems.
One such package is on-line booking/appointment software.
The advantages of allowing your clients to make on-line appointments are a natural evolution to any business that currently takes bookings over the phone.
So, what are the benefits for a business such as above - our example will focus on the clinical professions such as doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists etc.


Jeff has just put his back out trying to reach the par 5, 18th hole in two stokes. As he walks off the Golf Course, he grabs his smartphone and calls his physio, only to realise it’s after 5:30pm and they’ve shut for the day. Jeff, however, remembers that his Physio has just integrated on-line booking into his website. He now opens his web browser and accesses the Physio’s website. He discovers an available time slot and makes his booking for 10am the following day.
Jeff receives an email 30 seconds later confirming his appointment at 10am. At 8am the next morning, Jeff also receives an automated text message reminding him of the appointment.
When the Physio opens at 9am, the receptionist, Margaret, fires up her PC and opens the calendar and can immediately view the appointment Jeff has made. Margaret can click on Jeff’s appointment and quickly see that Jeff has included a note regarding his injury.
Meanwhile, the Physio has arrived and checked todays schedule on his tablet in his office also noting Jeff’s injury. He checks Jeff’s client history and notes that it appears he has re-injured an old injury.


- Clients can book appointments 24/7
- Email confirmations assure the client that they are booked in!
- Text reminders help reduce or eliminate no shows
- Appointments can be viewed on any device from smartphone to PC.
- Client history is automatically updated with new appointments and any notes.
- Clinicians can easily see client note and history
- Sync with Outlook, Exchange or Google Calendar
- Can still take appointments over the phone


- Able to book multiple service providers
- Customised fonts, branding and styling
- Free website booking page
- Device responsive – looks and works great on all devices
- Ongoing training and support


At AJAYS WebDesign we can integrate a cost effective, user friendly on-line booking application into your business.
Initial Integration costs just $500 with an on-going monthly fee of $20.

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